Presenter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions by Presenters:

1). What presentation A/V equipment is provided by SRA in each room? [Laptops are not provided; you must bring your own.]

  • Paper Symposia and Workshops: One LCD projector (PC compatible; bring adapter for connector cord if using an Apple laptop), a screen, and a microphone (if needed) will be available in your presentation room. Computer audio will also be provided to enable video presentations. SRA does not provide laptops. Any additional A/V equipment needed for your presentation must be reserved and paid for by you.
  • Roundtables: A head table/microphones and audience seating. A Roundtable does not include PowerPoint slides.

2). General information for Poster Presenters:

  • Where will posters be presented?
    Poster Sessions will be in the Marquette Ballroom (Second Floor); no A/V is provided or needed.
  • What size are the poster boards?
    SRA provides a poster board that is 8 ft. (2.4 meters) wide and 4 ft. (1.2 meters) high, with a 2-inch (2.4 centimeters) frame all around, and mounted on a 4 ft. (1.2 meters) stand. This poster board space is devoted to one poster.
  • How do I hang my poster?
    SRA provides push pins on site with which to hang your poster on the poster board.
  • When should I put my poster up and take it down?
    Mount your poster on the designated board during the 10 minutes immediately preceding the start of the scheduled poster session. Your poster must be removed promptly at the end of the session, so that the poster for the next session can be hung on the poster board. Please take your poster and any additional items with you when you leave the poster area.

3). Will there be a place to practice my presentation?

A Speaker-Ready Room is located on the 3rd floor – Directors Row 4, in  the Hilton Minneapolis Hotel.

4). How long should my presentation be?

  • Poster Presentation: displayed in 60-minute sessions
  • Paper Symposium: 1 hour and 30 minutes; at least 20 minutes must be set aside for discussion with the audience as part of the symposium.
  • Roundtable: 1 hour and 30 minutes; the audience must be given 30 minutes to respond to the questions/issues raised and to introduce additional questions and comments to the panel.
  • Workshop: 1 hour and 30 minutes; the audience must be given 30 minutes to ask questions and partiicpate in related discussion.

Questions? Contact Anne Perdue at (202) 805-5164 or

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